The First Step to Better Editing

I am constantly surprised by professionals who are tentative about editing someone else’s work, particularly when it’s their job to make the communication as effective as possible.

Start Writing a Story with “I am __here_____”

Sometimes writers overthink story beginnings, when the more important thing to do is start writing (because you can always revise). The following sentence pattern is an easy way to start any story and get you writing. “I am ______place where you are________.” I use...

Recap: Let’s Practice Interviewing and Writing

The purpose of this recent meetup was to hone our interviewing skills, so that we could generate raw material for stories, articles, blogs, etc., by talking to other people. We started right away with a writing exercise. Everyone was paired up with another group...

See You at the ASBPE Conference

Join me at the 2016 ASBPE conference in St. Petersburg, Fla. in July. I'm giving the presentation "How to make source cultivation a habit." If you're a journalist or B2B publication editor, this is a great conference to attend.  

Make Sure Your Copywriter Sees the Forest for the Trees

I found myself eavesdropping at a cafe. Two coworkers from a nearby marketing communications firm came in for coffee and sat on the couches near me. One was an account director, the other a copywriter. They talked about content for a client’s social media campaign....