The Next Best Thing to a Full-Time Writing Coach

Without spending a fortune, you can provide employees with consistent and meaningful professional development.

On-Site  & Remote Coaching

Hiring me is like having your own in-house writing center.

Hi, I’m Andy Brown. I can help your employees improve their writing skills. Along with experience as a professional writer-for-hire, I bring a pedagogical approach drawn from my years as a writing tutor and classroom instructor. My services include tailored writing workshops for groups and one-on-one coaching.

The Workshops

Training that’s tailored to your people

Writing workshops run between 45 minutes and 2 hours. They focus on writing fundamentals, with an emphasis on practical in-context applications. Most importantly, they’re interactive. The exercises are designed to engage participants in writing, reflection and discussion, with the purpose of introducing and reinforcing key lessons. Workshops are customized to meet the needs of each client.

Examples of workshops conducted by Methodical Writing in the past include:

  • Business Writing Essentials
  • Conducting Interviews + Writing
  • Exercises to Increase Writing Stamina
  • Writing with Clarity: Strategies, Skills, Practice
  • Proofreading: Strategies, Skills, Practice
  • Writing for Event Promotion
  • Writing for Publication
  • Copywriting for Websites
  • Writing to Evoke the Senses
  • Writing “Performance Assessments”
  • Writing “Self-Assessments for Performance Reviews”
  • And more

One-on-One Coaching

Personal attention that’s worth every penny

One-on-one coaching services are typically offered in half-hour blocks. Participation is voluntary, and participants sign up for as many blocks as they need. They often come with specific assignments or projects with which they desire help.

Alternatively, they come for guidance on how to address specific gaps in their skill sets. In both cases, these sessions allow me to provide individual feedback and personalized interventions. Participants may also come in small teams, if they prefer.

How Much Does It Cost?

A flat fee. No surprises

2022 Pricing

$1,800 |On-site (per day) for workshops and/or one-on-one coaching. You decide how we spend the day.


$850 | Online writing workshop (1-2 hours, up to 30 employees per workshop)


$800 | Remote one-on-one and small-group coaching (up to 10 hours per month)

Got Questions? Ready to Reserve Dates?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees can attend each workshop?

Each workshop accommodates a maximum 30 participants. I can always run the same workshop multiple times in a day if you want.

Do you offer remote coaching?

Yes, I offer all of my workshops remotely or in-person. The same goes for one-on-one coaching. I charge a flat, monthly fee for a pre-set number of coaching hours. 

Can I determine the workshop topics?

Absolutely. I’ll work with you to develop workshops that address your organization’s challenges. Alternately, I have off-the-shelf workshops prepared and ready to go.

Coaching is great, but what if I want to hire you as a writer?

 Sometimes it’s more cost-effective to outsource routine writing assignments. If you need a writer and not a coach, please check out my unlimited copywriting service.