The Product Stewardship Society is a fairly new organization, affiliated with the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA). Its biggest initiative right now is an annual meeting. The first one was a success, and Society Manager Adam Seery, CAE, wanted to build on that momentum.

Full disclosure: Adam and I were once coworkers at another association, where he saw up-close my method for turning events into content. He envisioned something similar for The Product Stewardship Society.

We started by generating pre-meeting content. Adam gave me a list of speakers to interview, in order of priority. I conducted 14 interviews and turned each into a 200- to 400-word blog post, with teaser copy for emails and social media. Adam had the stories posted on the Society’s blog, then promoted them to prospective attendees through various channels.

On-Site in Salt Lake City
At the meeting itself, I went to education sessions and social functions. Adam told me which sessions I had to cover, but otherwise left it to me to pick and choose the rest. In those cases, I went to a mix of sessions that I had covered in the pre-conference interviews with ones I hadn’t. For other ideas, I asked attendees what sessions they were excited about.

At receptions and coffee breaks, I introduced myself to attendees for the purpose of gathering “at-the-scene” material. I asked questions about their experiences at the show. Many of these informal conversations were turned into testimonials.

Post-Meeting Activity
Although I’m comfortable filing stories on-site, there was no rush to do that here. So after the meeting, I conducted follow-up interviews, then wrote 19 stories and four testimonials.

Adam and his team turned the content into an e-book (view a copy on my website) and also distributed pieces of it to prospective attendees throughout the year. MW