The internet has reduced everything to a “How-To” article, including the establishment of traditions. But the best traditions are those you never anticipated. They’re powerful because they came about organically. Did you know that the Ice Bucket Challenge can be traced back to a single guy who made a video? Do you think he knew what that video would lead to?

One July weekend, my cousin and his friends got together to eat steamed crabs. It was his birthday, and our family has always celebrated milestones by eating crabs. That has been true as far back as I can remember. In fact, as a child I was gifted a monogrammed crab hammer, along with everyone else in the family at that time. 

Crab HammerFlash forward to I-don’t-know-how-many-years. The annual Crab Feast is a legitimate family tradition. At some point, family started getting together on my cousin’s birthday to eat crabs. For at least a decade, it has been the second-most important family get-together after Thanksgiving. 

Then a few years back there was a Crab Feast scheduled without my cousin’s input. We weren’t sure he could attend. And that’s how you know a get-together has become a bona fide tradition.

Crab Feast 2