The Time Is Now

for Amber and Aaron If ever there was a time to put aside your uniforms and flags, it is now. If ever there was a time to put down your pens and ploughs, it is now. Now is the time to draw the curtains, lock your doors and leave your homes behind. Now is the time to...


Stories educate and entertain. They make facts interesting. They model behavior. They appreciate the minds of others. They reinforce or challenge beliefs. They appeal to hearts and minds.


Copywriting is the art of of persuading without being pushy. Of bragging without boasting. Of explaining without patronizing. Of asking without demanding.Of courting desire. Of inviting action.

Social Media

Social media is a conversation. It’s people talking. It’s people listening. It rewards attention. It prizes creativity. It forgives imperfection. It’s for showing off. It’s for taking interest. It’s about participating.

Editorial Management

Editorial management starts with best practices. It is the strategic positioning of your content. It means knowing your audience. Choosing your channels. Making a plan and going forward with it.

Writing Clincs

Learn by doing. Build practical skills. Get feedback and coaching. Share ideas. Create collaboratively.Bond with your team. Eliminate writer’s block. Get insight into the writer’s life. Have some fun.