A Writing Center of Your Own

Could Your Employees Be Better Writers?

Most organizations have decided that it’s easier and less expensive to hire professional writers and editors than to train their employees. I know, because I’ve made a nice living as a freelance writer and editor. Companies hire me to provide my skills as a stopgap when their employees lack threshold writing skills.

But hiring professional writers only treats the symptom and not the ailment. To maximize employees’ full potential, you have to invest in their professional development.

An Incredibly Simple Solution

An in-house writing center is a cost-effective way to nurture employees’ writing skills.  By bringing someone on-site for regular one-on-one sessions, your employees will internalize new skills.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia discovered this when it hired a writing coach to come on-site regularly to meet one-on-one with employees. [read the article]

Methodical Writing offers a similar service to your organization. Because every engagement is different, we’ll customize a program that reflects your organization’s unique needs.


Benefits to an In-House Writing Center


Typical sessions are 30- to 45-minutes long, with up to 17 one-on-one meetings a day. With rates as low as $400/day, you can provide employees with consistent, meaningful professional development.


Short- and long-term engagements available, with flexible scheduling, including evening and weekend hours. Available in-person and online — whatever makes sense for your organization.


Emphasis on writing-skill development through practice and reinforcement. I get to know your employees and their individual challenges, along with their preferred ways of learning.

Let’s Get Started

First, let’s get to know each other. Contact me anytime by email or phone to discuss how a writing center could help you:

  • andy (at) methodicalwriting.com
  • 571-403-1306

Learn more about me here and on LinkedIn.

After we have a scope of work, I’ll submit a proposal based on your organization’s needs. We’ll walk through it together and make any changes necessary to get just the right program.

We’ll begin the engagement. I’ll become an on-site resource for employees who want to improve their writing skills. After an agreed-upon period of time, we’ll evaluate the program together and implement any changes as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you come on-site? 
I recommend having me on-site at least once-a-week during the initial engagement period. The days and hours can vary from week-to-week or stay the same, according to your needs.

Do you always come on-site?
Although I think in-person interaction helps build trust among employees and facilitate the learning process, I don’t always have to be on-site. If it makes sense for your organization or individual employees, we can meet virtually. I use Zoom meeting software to engage with  clients who prefer to meet online.

How flexible are your hours?
As a professional freelance writer and writing coach, I’m rarely unavailable. One of my unique selling points is that I can meet on evenings and weekends if individual employees prefer that to regular business hours.

What makes you a good writing coach?
I have some helpful qualifications, including previous experience as a writing tutor and classroom teacher, with pedagogical training. But more importantly, I’ve been a practicing writer for 20 years, in a variety of roles and organizational types. I invest regularly in my own professional development by taking workshops, engaging in professional associations and reading broadly and deeply around the topic of writing, rhetoric and communication.